Os presidentes Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva e Hugo Chávez

The Left is simply one of the most disgusting and degrading things that ever existed in human history, its adherents are people so disgusting, detestable and despicable that simply tolerating them is practically impossible. Left-wingers want to attack you, indoctrinate your children, separate and destroy the traditional family, and their ultimate goals always seek the constitution of a totalitarian government that prevents people from reacting against their tyrannical, depraved and evil genocidal projects.

In addition to behaving like hysterical and irrational children, leftists do not hide their deplorable despotic and tyrannical desires. Nevertheless, they are covert people who are always willing to destroy everything and everyone for the sake of their malevolent utopia, because they are childish and angry fanatics who need the god-state and dad-government for everything, even to change their own diapers. As they are completely irresponsible little children — who are afraid of everything, especially life and reality —, they want to impose an authoritarian government on everyone, destroying the autonomy, independence and freedom of individuals. As they are completely unable to do or to achieve anything in their futile and mediocre lives, they need to use the state to prevent people from exercising their virtues. They are obsessed with egalitarianism, and are always willing to do anything for that ideal, especially killing and throwing millions of people into misery, slavery and extreme poverty.

Lefties are useless and belligerent spoiled brats, who are always angry about everything. They invent deplorable and despicable lies — like saying that “all tyrants are right-wing” — in order to enslave people in the same ways they have for decades, through ostensibly brutal, oppressive and evil governments, like the ones present in countries like Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea, that they praise and exalt very often.

As someone who lives in a country that has been totally destroyed by these fanatics — economically, socially and culturally —, I speak knowingly. These deplorable and murderous people specialize in legitimizing governments that will plunder and expropriate the entire society for the exclusive benefit of politicians and corporatists.

With an insane voracity to always increase the power of the state, leftists legitimize a degrading state of affairs, where politicians get richer every day and the population gets poorer. The country where I live is a country of poor people ruled by wealthy politicians. Left-wingers are hypocritical worms, they say they are against the bourgeoisie, but they venerate, idolize and flatter ostensibly multimillion-dollar rich politicians, and in an authoritarian, irrational and angry manner, demand that the entire population adore and venerate these politicians, who besides being absurdly rich, are corrupt criminals — murderers of the worst kind —, who would sell their own mother and father for a few bucks.

Socialists — as Mises already said — are tyrants; as if this sad state of affairs was not tragic enough, they are always trying to achieve the same goals, to kill people using starvation as a genocide tool. In addition to being useless imbeciles who don’t know how to make a shit out of their useless existence, they are effeminate little whores unable to do anything productive or right for the world. They are only able to lick the butt of ultra-rich European Union and UN bureaucrats and to venerate their sacred politicians, who are also equally wealthy. And with hatred, fervor and bitterness, they try to force everyone to venerate these politicians, and to be subservient to a genocidal, corrupt, totalitarian and slavery system.

Leftists are always very aggressive when people struggle against oppression and totalitarianism and strive — even risking their own lives — to have a little freedom. Leftists are by nature enemies of freedom, enemies of life and enemies of God.

Leftists are simply the most satanic, deplorable and hateful race that has ever existed in human history. They use the poverty of others to enslave the poor even more, always using sordid and tyrannical populist demagogy to achieve their goals. The caviar left is a hideous cancer, which has not only managed to destroy the West, but has emasculated men and turned them into subservient and cowardly submissive puppies of politicians, who are afraid of everything, and they desperately need to feel safe in the lap of their favorite bureaucrats.

Left-wingers always behave like spoiled fearful, proud and arrogant children, who think they are owners of the absolute truth. In practice, they are totalitarian tyrants of the worst kind, who want to rob all people and leave them in the most extreme absolute misery. Nobody needs to teach me that. I lived it in my own country. We had a socialist government, where politicians enriched themselves majestically, while the population was impoverished in a resounding and depressing way. This state of affairs prevails until the present time.

Socialists are tramps who hate good and honest work, and want to get rich at the expense of those who are productive. They are evil and bestial creatures; who always kill through genocide caused by starvation.

The left will never shut me up. Totalitarian genocidal bastards, the end is near for you and your decrepit, satanic and painful ideology; soon we will have our revenge on your murderous, pedophile, genocidal, bloodthirsty system that lives off the extermination of innocent people.

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